Central Scheduler for Managing Tasks

The TaskScheduler and SchedulerTask classes form the core of time management within the Uniot Core. They are central to scheduling, executing, and managing tasks, thereby playing a vital role in the overall functioning of the system.

The heartbeat of Uniot Core's time management, TaskScheduler manages and orchestrates the execution of multiple tasks. It maintains a queue of SchedulerTask objects and is responsible for their scheduled execution.

Static Factory Methods:

  • static TaskPtr make(SchedulerTask::SchedulerTaskCallback callback): Creates a shared pointer to a SchedulerTask with a given callback.

  • static TaskPtr make(IExecutor *executor): Creates a shared pointer to a SchedulerTask with a given executor.

Task Management:

  • TaskScheduler *push(TaskPtr task): Adds a SchedulerTask to the scheduler's queue for execution.

  • TaskScheduler *push(ISchedulerKitConnection *connection): Enables the scheduler to add tasks via the ISchedulerKitConnection interface, providing flexibility in task sources.

  • virtual uint8_t execute() override: Implements the IExecutor interface. Executes all the tasks in the queue and returns the count of attached tasks.

Private Members:

  • ClearQueue<TaskPtr> mTasks: A queue of scheduled tasks.

Type Definitions:

  • using TaskPtr = SharedPointer<SchedulerTask>: Type alias for a shared pointer to a SchedulerTask. Used in the TaskScheduler class for managing individual task objects.

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